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September 11-12, 2018

Rosemont, IL

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Clariant Plastics & Coatings, Pigments Business Unit is a leading global provider of high performance and economic organic pigments, pigment dispersions and dyes used in the coatings industry. Clariant features sustainable and innovative products that meet the exacting demands of automotive, industrial, and architectural coatings. Clariant’s Pigments has inherited over 140 years of market knowledge and extensive research and development. This experience and know-how means our products have a reputation for technical performance and quality, which allows our team of global experts to set the industry standards, provide practical solutions and deliver innovative products, that enable our customers’ to meet and exceed their goals.


Elementis Specialties provides high-value functional additives to the architectural and industrial coatings, adhesive, sealants, and inks markets. Our major products are BENTONE® organoclays, RHEOLATE® rheological additives, DAPRO® defoamers and specialty additives, M-P-A® anti-settling agents, NALZIN® corrosion and rust inhibitors, THIXATROL® rheology additives, NUOSPERSE® wetting and dispersing agents, TINT-AYD® colorants, SLIP-AYD® waxes and slip additives. These enhance the feel, flow and finish of everyday products including surface coatings, adhesives and sealants, and construction products. We continue to bring new technologies and products to the markets we serve and to work collaboratively with our customers.


Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation has been providing process solutions for over 70 years. It is a leader in the wet grinding and dispersion industry, and offers custom designed process equipment for mixing, blending, dispersing and particle size reduction. The Hockmeyer team is dedicated to building and designing processing equipment that is the highest quality available. We are committed to learning our customers’ process, so that we can provide the best possible equipment for the application. Hockmeyer offers a state-of-the-art customer service laboratory for product testing and process development.



ablerdingk boley

Alberdingk Boley, Inc. (ABI) is a global supplier of innovative water-based acrylic emulsions, NMP-free & solvent-free polyurethane dispersions, UV-curable dispersions, castor oil and linseed oil polyols and acrylic polyurethane copolymers. With a legacy of more than 185 years in castor and linseed oils, driven by tradition and innovative technology, ABI is a proud, responsive supplier of environmentally friendly water-based emulsions and dispersions to the paint and coatings, adhesives, and graphic arts industries. Our US headquarters is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Visit us at tabletop 42 to learn more.


Borchers has been an innovator, manufacturer and marketer of a variety of additives for the paints and coatings industry for the past 67 years. Our additives include rheology modifiers (Borchi® Gel), wetting and dispersing aids (Borchi® Gen), specialized air release additives, flow and leveling modifiers (Borchi® Gol) and the widest range of driers in the world. Borchers is committed to bringing new technologies to the coatings industry in order to meet increasingly more stringent regulations and specific customer needs. Borchers offers a “one stop shop” for unique additive solutions for your coatings and formulating needs. Visit us at to see how our coatings additives make a difference!


BYK is a leading supplier of specialty additives that are used to optimize production and application processes, and visibly improve the quality of finished products.

troy new

Known worldwide as The Gold Standard for Performance, Troy Corporation offers a full line of advanced, innovative solutions for manufacturers, including Polyphase®, Troysan®, & Fungitrol® dry-film preservatives, Mergal® & Nuosept® wet-state preservatives, multifunctional performance additives, and metal carboxylates. Backed by expert technical service and regulatory support, Troy products provide exceptional performance and value.



Helping your best paints perform even better – ANGUS Chemical Company is the world’s only company dedicated to nitroalkanes and their derivatives. Our multifunctional neutralizers provide a wide range of benefits across the coating lifecycle—for both our customers and end-use consumers. The many benefits include improved pigment dispersion, increased gloss and scrub resistance, better color strength and enhanced biocide performance. What’s more, our AMP® products are the only amine-based neutralizers to receive VOC-exempt status from the U.S. EPA and Environment Canada. Plus, all of our specialty additives are fully supported with localized technical expertise, regulatory assistance and formulation guidance from our global network of Customer Application Centers.


Meet the world’s most experience rookie: The new Evonik Coating Additives – home of ACEMATT®, AEROSIL®, SURFYNOL®, TEGO®, and much more – offers innovative, tailor-made solutions that add real value to your coating formulations. Our diverse product portfolio includes additives, co-binders, matting agents, silicone resins, and nanoresins. Our unique technology platform aims to provide solutions for almost any challenge that may arise in the formulation of paints and coatings. Our wide range of product solutions helps both in the formulation and manufacture of coatings and in their application.


A Focused Sales Strategy – Our commitment to a focused sales approach ensures you receive the time, attention and innovative solutions to take you to the next level. As your full-service chemical provider, we work hard to understand your business challenges and opportunities. Our targeted market strategy allows us to focus on what we do best – providing you with valuable chemical distribution expertise you can’t find anywhere else.


More Expertise, Better Performance and Best Value with The Shepherd Color Company. Shepherd Color produces a wide range of high-performance Complex Inorganic Color Pigments used in the coatings industry. These pigments are an extraordinary class of traditional metal oxide materials that offer stable, long-lasting color for many applications. Also, they have unbeatable weatherability, heat and chemical resistance, are non-warping and easy to disperse. With constant advances in color and technology, rely on Shepherd Color to Brighten your Life with quality products and the latest innovation.




ArrowPoint is a leading source of fluorescent pigment and dispersion. We carry a full range of fluorescent product line for all types of application. We pride ourselves with high quality products at a competitive price.


The Honle Group is one of the leading International suppliers of industrial UV/LED technology. Honle UV America, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes UV Systems, UV lamps, LED systems and measurement instrumentation worldwide. The equipment is used in the curing of photo reactive substances as well as surface sterilization and sun simulation. The company’s products are used in manufacturing processes in electronics, microelectronics, precision engineering and optics, as well as in the printing, automotive, aviation and pharmaceutical industries. At the heart of every UV system is the Honle Lamp. Honle manufactures its own high-performance UV discharge lamps and apart from standard spectra lamps, customer specific and process specific lamps are produced.


Siltech Corporation develops, manufactures and markets a full line of silicone materials and related specialties for specific customer applications. Expertise in reactive silicones is especially relevant to the Coatings and Resins Industry, enabling the modification of systems for hybrid properties. Silicone additives provide special properties such as wetting, flow, leveling and foam control. Siltech has over 25 years of experience and two manufacturing sites. Siltech is particularly interested in collaborating with customers, developing unique materials for challenging projects.

spolymers 120

Specialty Polymers Inc., is a dynamic, privately held manufacturer of water-based polymers and wood adhesives. Our products are designed to meet the most demanding needs from customers around the world, and we take pride on being a different kind of polymer company. We are an innovative, responsive and flexible supplier that’s committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. Specialty Polymers has a proven 45-year record of innovative product development, an ever-expanding line of products and a significant presence in the marketplace. With manufacturing facilities on both coasts, Specialty Polymers is ideally suited to meet each customer’s needs.


STI Polymer is the partner of choice for custom formulations and manufacturing of acrylic and styrene acrylic binders for elastomeric, concrete, metal and specialty coating applications. STI was born from a strong technical history and is investing in more R&D resources every day; such as the recent completion of our new on-site research and development center. All of this, combined with the agility to meet emerging needs and our emphasis on long-term partnerships, drives our customer’s success. Honest. Flexible. Reliable. That’s how clients describe us. Give us a try. You’ll find the same. STI Polymer. YOU DRIVE. WE NAVIGATE.

th hilson

As a supplier of specialty additive chemicals, our primary focus is to develop significant synergies between our principal partners and our customers. We accomplish this by facilitating a mutually beneficial exchange of products, technologies and services to provide the greatest overall value and performance in the development of our customers’ projects.